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23 April 2012
Vienna, Austria

International conference on the topic "Transnational Judicial Dialogue of Domestic Courts on International Organizations"

November 2011

The Research Newsletter of The University of Vienna (62nd edition, November 2011) reports on the  project “International Law through the National Prism: the Impact of Judicial Dialogue” and publishes an interview with Prof. August Reinisch.

15 to 16 September 2011
Leuven and Brussels, Belgium

Prof. August Reinisch participated at an "International Law in Domestic Courts" COST-Meeting and the "International Law in Domestic Courts" COST Final Conference on the topic of "Promoting the (international) rule of law in states in transition: The practice of the EU"

17 to 19 May 2011
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Participation at an "International Law in Domestic Courts" COST-Meeting and the Third ILDC Colloquium on the topic of "Domestic Courts as Agents of Legal Development"

21 January 2011
Athens, Greece

Participation at an "International Law in Domestic Courts" COST-Meeting

2 to 4 September 2010
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Prof. August Reinisch chaired the panel on "International Law in Domestic Courts" at the 4th Biennial Conference of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) "International Law 1989 - 2010: A Performance Appraisal"

15 to 20 August 2010
The Hague, Netherlands

COST Workshop on the development of an ILDC-based case-book during the ILA Conference "De lure Humanitatis. Peace, Justice and International Law"

September 2009
Vienna, Austria

"Challenging Acts of International Organizations before National Courts"  Vienna Conference

14 to 15 May 2009
Oslo, Norway

"Unity or Fragmentation of International Law: the Role of International and National Tribunals" – Conference (Second ILDC Colloquium)

31 October to 1 November 2008
Nicosia, Cyprus

"Transnational Public Interest Litigation in Domestic Courts" - Conference

April 2008
The Hague, Netherlands

ILDC Colloquium

November 2007
Vienna, Austria

Vienna Training Session

March 2006
Research newsletter of the Vienna University

Currently, the following cases have been submitted to the ILDC-Editorial Board and are expected to be published soon on the ILDC-database:

10Obs347/99y (Supreme Court)
Whether the service of process abroad by mail and without accompanying translation infringes upon the procedural rights (Art 6 ECHR) of a non-Austrian national.

7Ob316/00x (Supreme Court)
Whether absolute immunity of a foreign head of state superseded international human rights.

6Ob150/05k (Supreme Court)
Whether the qualification of an individual as member of a permanent mission to the OSCE entails comprehensive diplomatic protection analogous to diplomatic protection of an ambassador of a sending state.

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